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Homefront (2012)

Released January 2012


  1. Lexington
  2. Dead River, Lake County
  3. A Bad Way
  4. Wrong
  5. Homefront
  6. By the Time You Get to Texas
  7. Birmingham
  8. I Wish I Was the Girl I Was
  9. Love Song
  10. Long Way Home
  11. I’m Gonna Get My Heart Broken
  12. Army Corps of Engineers


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Presenting the Great Unknowns (2004)

Released December 2004
Daemon Records


  1. Las Vegas
  2. When I Was Your Girl
  3. Round Hill
  4. Forever
  5. Abilene
  6. Something to Do
  7. Don’t Come Home
  8. 1000 Miles from Tennessee
  9. Deliver Me Home
  10. We’ll Be Okay


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"Excellent songwriting in the Americana of the best things I have heard this year."—Amy Ray

"I can't stop playing this disc."
—No Depression (Rick Cornell)