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L-R: Altay Guvench, Becky Warren, Andy Eggers, & Avril Smith

The Great Unknowns are an alt-country band with two critically-acclaimed albums. While we’re not currently touring, you can find information about our albums here. Or you may be able to catch our frontwoman—Becky Warren—live somewhere near you.


Awards and accolades

  • For Becky Warren: Winner, Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk (2015)
  • For Becky Warren: 1st place winner, country, Merlefest Chris Austin Songwriting Contest (2014)
  • Grand prize winner, Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (2011 and 2013)


From Maverick: The UK’s Leading Independent Country Music Magazine
“Becky possesses this rare ability to write about relationship issues with a universality that instantly connects. With a vocal style that reminds me at times of early Lucinda Williams…Ms Warren possesses the perfect female Americana country voice…This is the kind of modern-styled country album we’ve all been wishing the likes of Emmylou or even Faith Hill would record.” —Alan Cackett, 2012


From Maxim
“Why stop to listen to The Great Unknowns? Well, they play unpretentious heartland rock reminiscent of the better efforts of the Crows—both Sheryl and Counting. Becky Warren writes about guys who’ve treated her like shit with a dignity they don’t deserve and sings with a soulful, rebellious swagger.” —David Peisner, 2004


From No Depression

“I can’t stop playing this disc. Warren’s songwriting is evocative and richly detailed throughout…[T]he album has made a home in my head, and quite possibly in my heart.” —Rick Cornell, 2004 (also picked as one of the ten best records of the year)


Amy Ray (of The Indigo Girls), 2004
“Excellent songwriting in the Americana tradition. Really one of the best things I have heard this year. The band jokingly says they made the record for their grandmothers, but it should be heard by everyone. Fronted by a women with a salty southern voice, the production is pure and simple without any missteps.”


From Americana UK
“[T]his is a very early contender for one of this year’s great albums…Covering loss, love and the effect war had on her relationship…Warren delivers her oeuvre with panache and optimism with an upbeat musical roots rock swagger and a smoky southern voice…An excellent album which should be one of your first purchases in 2012. Reviewers score: 9/10” —Phil Edwards, 2012

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"Excellent songwriting in the Americana of the best things I have heard this year."—Amy Ray

"I can't stop playing this disc."
—No Depression (Rick Cornell)
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